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PLEASE READ! This Abuse reporting form is for the purposes of reporting Internet abuse committed by a Virgin Media IP Address or account and should NOT be used to seek technical support or customer services. Incorrect reports including support requests will not be responded to.

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This straightforward form makes it easy to report all kinds of internet abuse. And you can be absolutely sure that whatever you report will be properly investigated. And if you need help at any point, just click here.

Reporting Child Abuse Images

We work closely with the Internet Watch Foundation to ensure the protection of children on the Internet. If you need to file a report about child abuse images, please use the IWF Hotline Webform at
They will investigate your report and because they work closely with the police and the National Crime Agency, they will deal with the proper authorities when necessary.

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For more details on reporting abuse from a Virgin Media IP address, including the standard of evidence we require in order to investigate a complaint, please visit

Known phishing emails purporting to be from Virgin Media are listed on our Community help forum. If you’ve received a phishing email already listed on that page, we do not require this form to be submitted

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